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My Own Slice of Life on Prayer

When my husband and I first got married we established a little routine with saying a bedtime prayer together. We held hands and he said a prayer in Greek and then we said the Lord’s Prayer together before going to sleep. I’m not sure why but we fell out of the habit of doing this after the first year or so. Ever since my daughter came along, my husband and I started saying bedtime prayers once again but now with two tiny little hands held in ours every night. There isn’t really a routine any more. Sometimes we say a prayer on the couch in the evening or sometimes in her bed just before we kiss her goodnight. She has taught us many things and one of the most important lessons have been that flexibility is key and that things don’t always follow a plan or a routine. I think we are all okay with not having a scheduled prayer time.

My daughter, Evie, has been listening for over two years now to us say the Lord’s Prayer. A few weeks ago she started saying the last word of each line. I would begin “Our Father, who art in” and then I would pause and she would smile and say “Heaven.” We continued doing this for a few nights and then I started leaving off a few more words and she started chiming in at different parts. Pretty soon she was saying the whole prayer right along with me.

I remember my Grandma always telling me that God especially listens to children’s prayers. I used to picture God sitting amongst the clouds listening to millions of prayers at once and hearing the voices of little children’s prayers coming through the loudest and clearest as if they were being said into a microphone. As I sit now with my Evie’s hand in mine and I listen to her sweet voice, I know that it is coming through loud and clear as it passes through all of those clouds and falls upon God’s ears. When we pray together I whisper so that her voice is strongest, so God doesn’t have to strain to hear her, and I wait until she is done to offer my unending gratitude for this precious gift He so generously shared with me.



Comments on: "Prayer" (2)

  1. Jill, this is perfectly told. Perfectly. The back story – to the present – to your thoughts. Love it. The ending is so, so sweet. My new favorite, for sure.

  2. after seeing cute little Evie last night with her perfectly round, rosy cheeks (it was HOT in that gym!) I can picture what you’ve written even more clearly. She is a gift, indeed.

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