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How Does It End?

My Own Slice of Life on Slicing

My final slice. I have mixed feelings. Relief, a sense of accomplishment, and almost sadness at the same time. What will I do with my notepad app (a.k.a. writer’s notebook app) on my phone now? How will we adjust our children’s bedtime routines back to a time before mommy was slicing? What will I think about all day long and what ideas will come to me as I sit before a blank computer screen? What if I have a great idea for a slice but no more audience? No more feedback? No more comments?

This past month I have sliced big and sliced small. I have flashed back to favorite times in my childhood and written about snippets of time that happen during the hecticness in my current everyday life. I have received feedback. I have been encouraged by other writers. Family members and friends followed my blog and I received text messages, phone calls, and e-mails daily. Some slices made my mom cry. Some slices were called captivating. At one point, my uncle even told me that my writing “had fallen off a bit.” Some slices made my husband laugh. Some slices frustrated me. Some slices felt good to publish while others did not. Some slices came to me in the middle of the night while others came to me in an instant when something simple happened like sharing a cookie with my daughter.

I worried about writing too much about my kids? I began to think about my own students and how at times it can be difficult to get fourth grade boys to write about something other than video games. We tell our students to write about what they are passionate about. We read mentor texts and explain how the author wrote about what she knew best, incorporated her own life and her own passions and we should do the same. Fourth grade boys are passionate about video games, they know a lot about video games, and at this point in their lives they play video games on a regular basis so they like to write about video games. I, on the other hand, am passionate about my kids. It was challenging for me to sit down and not write about them every single day. I had to make a real effort to write about something else because there are other things to write about. I must convey this message to my class.

This past month, I checked my phone for e-mails from WordPress on a regular basis. After a 2:00 a.m. wake up call from my daughter, I crawled back in my bed with my phone and scrolled through the e-mails to read the comments on my latest slice. I think my husband thought I was addicted to slicing. I think I might have been.

March was a time of writing. A time for blogging and reading other’s writing. A time for being part of a writing community. A time of being unguarded and writing personally, writing openly, trying different writing styles, writing warmly, affectionately, with emotion, from the heart, to get better, for a purpose, because I can, because I want to, because I AM A WRITER.

Looking forward to April, I plan to slice again. I am going to write whenever I feel compelled to do so. I’ve decided I will keep my blog going. So how does it end? It just doesn’t. There is more to be told.




Comments on: "How Does It End?" (7)

  1. Thanks for your reflections on this month’s slicing. No, it doesn’t end. We write because we have stories to tell and comments to share. I do think that these slices and comments are addictive and we will have withdrawal – at least until Tuesday. Happy writing!

  2. Jill. As I was reading your slice I was ready to comment and say – Paragraph #2 – that says exactly what I want to say! Then, Paragraph #3 came along and BAM! That was the one that said it! Let’s face it – they ALL say it – and SO WELL. Thanks for saying it 🙂

    • Thanks Carrie. I just wrote a novel as a comment on your last slice – please visit it soon :). I’m glad I had the opportunity to say it, slice it, whatever. I’m just glad.

  3. Beth Rogers said:

    This slice spoke for many of us. I too worried about writing too much about my kids. I couldn’t write about my students because we did this together…yet I will continue to write. I’ve been bouncing around blogs now for almost two hours …addicted? Perhaps….

  4. Much of what you say here is exactly how I felt about this month’s challenge. One of the big benefits of slicing for an entire month is getting that perspective on how our students must feel. At times there were big things going on in my life that I didn’t really want to slice about. Our students must feel the same way. I look forward to reading back through your blog and ahead with your future slices. Cheers to a great month!

  5. “I crawled back in my bed with my phone and scrolled through the e-mails to read the comments on my latest slice.” Uhhh.. yeah, me too. 🙂 A little addicted myself. You really did hit the nail on the head.. on so many levels. So perfectly conveyed Jill. Thank you! It HAS been awesome.. and it’s only beginning.

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