A Slice of Life

My Own Slice of Life on a Few of My Favorite Things

I love to hear

  cooing sounds from Johnny,

      giggling sounds from my kids,

        the guitar being played by my dad,

          my dad singing,

            my mom’s voice on the other end of the phone,

              my sister’s laugh,

                 “I lubba you Mama” from my Evie,

                    “Sagapo” from my husband.

I love to see

    my daughter’s face at my bedside with her sleepy eyes first thing in the morning,

      my son’s bright blue eyes that light up his whole face,

        my husband’s gorgeous smile,

          my family together in church,

            my niece and nephew playing with my kids,

              my sister’s belly housing my nephew that we will get to meet very soon,

                my Evie’s hand in mine.




Comments on: "A Few of My Favorite Things" (2)

  1. What beautiful specifics that warms your heart. I love the mingling of what you hear and see. You can feel the love and appreciation in your family.

  2. Jill I’m just reading this slice now. It’s so sweet. I love the style you’ve written in – what you love to see and hear. I’ve been thinking about something like this for awhile now – thanks for making it so clear to me!!

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