A Slice of Life


My Own Slice of Life on Being a Parent

My husband, Billy, and I were talking about parenting after a long few days of being home with our kids… all day. We are both teachers and we are both enjoying our spring break at home with our kids. I asked him to write with me about parenthood so that I could share our different perspectives. We sat down together and wrote for a few minutes and then shared what we wrote and laughed about what we wrote as it reflected so much on our day.

Billy: There are so many responsibilities that come with being a parent. It has allowed me to see not only that it is my job to care for my children, but to also teach them how to become good human beings. Since my wife and I have become parents, we have tried to find a balance between being firm with our children and at the same time offer a loving smile.

Jill: Parenting calls for complete selflessness. Not a loss of my sense of self, although at times I do feel like nothing more than Evie and Johnny’s mama, but a change in my every action and thought. I am no longer concerned with just me, or even just my husband, but I am responsible for taking care of two little kids that are extremely dependant. Nothing compares to parenthood. I’ve never felt love like this, exhaustion like this, pride like this, frustration like this, or happiness like this. Being a parent is hard work and there is no one that I’d rather experience parenthood with than my husband, my children’s “Baba.”

At the end of another very long day, my husband and I are very grateful to have each other to be a parent with. We are very thankful for our little kids and for these very long days together.



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