A Slice of Life

Stains on Monday

My Own Slice of Life on Stains on Monday

A blue stained rug from a work of art created while lying on her stomach in the family room with a small piece of paper and a huge vision of a blue masterpiece.

A purple stained cheek from a silence upstairs while I was downstairs, a make up bag left open, and eye shadow used like blush to make her “boo-tiful.”

A purple stained face, neck, and bib from a struggle between a spoonful of pureed blueberries and an angry little boy that prefers to eat his food out of a bottle instead of off of a spoon.

A brown stained smile from a chocolate chip cookie so enjoyed during a quiet car ride to the store with her parents and her brother.

A tear stained face from a tired little baby that resists naptime until he cannot help but close his heavy eyelids and give in to a peaceful slumber.

A white stained couch cushion where milk dripped out of an overturned sippy cup for several minutes before anyone even noticed.  

The marker scrubbed out, the eye shadow rinsed off, the blueberries washed up, the chocolate wiped off, the tears kissed away, the couch cushion cleaned. All before noon on Monday.


Comments on: "Stains on Monday" (3)

  1. Precious stains they are. But I love living in my world of blissful ignorance about what happens when I am work. Lol great idea for a slice. I love the imagery you’ve created for each.

  2. The imagery was awesome in this slice. Precious slice Jill!

  3. This is perfection. It really is. The imagery is perfectly perfect and the format is perfect and the ending is perfect. It’s perfect. Printing and sharing.

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