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Nutrition and Indulgences

My Own Slice of Life on Nutrition and Indulgences

My husband and I often joke about who is the boss around here and who does more when it comes to the kids and maintaining the household chores and paying bills. I’m totally convinced that we are even when it comes to everything but I have him convinced that I do way more. My husband has taken the reins when it comes to our family’s nutrition. He is the cook and he plans and prepares all of our meals – a huge undertaking, I know. This includes the baby’s food. He chops, steams, and purees all the fruits and vegetables that we serve to our son. He did the same for my daughter when she was a baby. He is very careful to purchase organic foods, whole grain breads and pastas, low fat and no fat whenever possible, and lean meats. I was raised in a meat and potatoes kind of house where meals were high in sugar and sodium content but also rich in flavor and deliciousness. I sometimes wonder if my daughter is missing out on delicious. I’ll worry about my son too once he is old enough to chew real food. There is something to be said for eating healthy but every now and then I feel like it is healthy to indulge a little.

All that being said, one of my favorite things in the world is sitting with my two year old daughter and indulging a little. She loves M&M’s although she calls them “blue candies.” She knows all of her colors in English and in Greek yet she calls every color M&M “blue candy.” We always have “blue candies” at our house because my daughter’s mom loves them too. I’ve seen glances of disapproval when I place different color candies in my daughter’s chubby little hands. She always asks for two blue candies and holds her two hands up in the air making a pinching motion with her fingers. That is where I am supposed to place her two blue candies. Whenever she asks my husband for candy, if he feels that she is especially deserving, he will grant her wish with just one M&M. Just one. No more.

Sometimes, I like to escape a little with a cookie or a handful of M&M’s, to just sit on the couch where the sun beats through the window and enjoy a moment of indulgence while my husband and kids are in a different room. More enjoyable than this though, is when I get to steal away with my daughter with a cookie or a handful of M&M’s in one hand and her sweet, chubby, soft, little hand in my other hand. We sit on the floor and face each other. She knows something good is in my other hand and I anticipate her excited smile and sparkling eyes when I reveal the chocolate surprise. When we share M&M’s she always turns the candy on its side and says “Look Mama. An E.” She thinks the lower case m turned sideways is really an E, an E for Evelyn of course. When we share a cookie, I always break it in half and give her half and she examines the halves to make sure she got the bigger piece. Then she shoves the whole thing in her mouth and begins to break off pieces of my half even as they are entering my mouth. It makes me laugh every time. My mind always drifts off to wonder what my husband would think. My daughter’s chocolate giggles always make those wonderings vanish.

I just sat on the floor with a chocolate chip cookie across from my sweet Evelyn while my husband took a shower. She was my immediate inspiration once again for a piece of writing. A delicious, chocolately, crunchy, sparkling eyes, huge smile morsel of writing.  


Comments on: "Nutrition and Indulgences" (6)

  1. Very cute story! Keep indulging!

  2. Sounds like you and your daughter have a lovely tradition started. And I agree with you, healthy is good, but an m and m once in a while never hurt anyone! OK, maybe more than once in a while! Enjoy!

  3. I love the tradition you share with your daughter. I have to agree a little indulgence is a good thing.

  4. So nice! I enjoyed the “blue candy” bit. M&Ms are funny to me- I always eat the green ones last (i have no idea why) and every once in a while someone will notice and say something to me. I like that you’ll always have the blue candy memory of time with your daughter.

  5. Such a great indulgence. She sounds like a sweet little girl deserving of a few blue candies once in a while.

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