A Slice of Life

When Life is Too Much

My Own Slice of Life on When Life is Too Much

What happens when there just isn’t enough time in one day for me to accomplish everything that I am supposed to accomplish?

 I have a full time teaching job and

 I have two children, ages two and five months to care for and

I have bills to pay and

meetings to attend and

phone calls to make and

my car needs an oil change and one headlight needs to be replaced and

I have to go buy paint so we can paint my son’s room and

I need to return a few items at Target and

I promised my sister that I would help her organize her new baby’s room and

I have to find time to write and

tonight is a bath night for the kids and

the quarter is ending soon and I have to make sure my grades are entered and

my anniversary is coming up and I need to buy something thoughtful for my husband and

I have to grade the science assessments and

I have to complete the spreadsheet with my class scores and

my mother in law’s birthday is coming and she will need a gift and

I need to write my lesson plans for after Spring Break and

I really need to clean my room and

We need to install some shelves in the basement to store all of our bins of baby clothes and

I need to buy more bottles for Johnny because he is very particular about his bottles but

I want to spend my time hugging my kids and

playing with my kids instead of sitting at the computer and

 watch t.v. with my husband and

sit and talk with my mom when I go to her house to pick up my kids after school and

sleep in on the weekends and

enjoy a phone conversation with a friend and

think clearly and


I need to work on juggling work and being with my family. I need to take more time to do the things that matter most to me – hugs, playing, resting.





Comments on: "When Life is Too Much" (3)

  1. Yes, set your priorities…everything else will get done in time. You do sound like you have a lot on your plate. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  2. wow – you have lots on your lists. Try just doing a few “needs” and then add in a “want” – that might feel better. Don’t forget to rest!!

  3. Jill, just stop. Stop everything. Hug your kids, kiss your Billy, and relax. The rest doesn’t matter, truly. Have some wine. It’s fine.

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