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My Own Slice of Life on Pregnancy

Today my family showered my little sister with gifts and love at her baby shower. Watching her and her husband open newborn sized outfits, miniature hats, swings, bouncers, rockers, gliders, cradles, bedding for the crib, and a million other baby gadgets reminded me of the very overwhelming time in my life when I was pregnant. After the shower, I went back to my sister’s house to help her organize the baby’s room with all of her new baby-must-haves. We put books on her book shelves and placed bibs and blankets in drawers. We held up newborn sized onesies in disbelief that a baby could ever be that little. We held up letters that spelled my soon to be nephew’s name on the wall while my brother in law started assembling one of the many necessary pieces of baby furniture. My sister and I folded baby clothes and organized them into dresser drawers according to size. I heard my sister state several times that she just didn’t have enough time left before the baby arrives to do all of the laundry and paint the letters for the wall and make room in the kitchen cabinets for all of the feeding equipment. I was again reminded of my own pregnancy and the stress and sense of urgency to prepare the baby’s room – the room that the baby will not sleep in for several months – and have it all done before experiencing the first contraction.

I also watched my sister rest her hands on her stomach as she sat in the glider in the baby’s room. She was maybe feeling the baby kick or just placing her hands there because sometimes when you are pregnant, that is just where they fall comfortably. I listened to her take deep, sometimes labored, breaths especially after walking up the stairs or saying a particularly long sentence. Her ankles and hands are swollen. Her wedding ring is burying itself into her very swollen finger. And again I was reminded of the discomfort pregnancy brings. At the shower, she complained about her belly button showing through her shirt even though everyone else in the room thought she looked absolutely adorable. Watching her today made me remember how miserable being pregnant really is.

I came home to my two little monsters, one crying because he was hungry and one crying because she was tired. “Hold you me Mom,” my daughter said with the most pitiful, exhausted, lovable face I had ever seen and then after a bottle, my son flashed me his huge, toothless smile. Then I was reminded how lucky I am to have ever experienced the discomforts of pregnancy and feel the stress of preparing for a new baby to join our family. I’m so excited for my sister to feel the appreciation and awe and love that only a Mom can feel for her baby.  I’m thankful for today for the reminder of how fortunate I am to be a stressed out, overwhelmed, and exhausted Mom.


Comments on: "Pregnancy" (3)

  1. Congrats to your sister and your new nephew!

  2. It sounds like your sister is lucky to have you and I was happy to hear how you were able to share in this special day with her. It sounds like whatever she is able to get complete before the baby is born, she is well on her way and it will be just fine.

  3. You’re a good sister. 🙂
    I didn’t hate being pregnant. I would do it again if I wasn’t over the hill.
    I like the honesty in this slice, and I love the ending. Coming home to Evie and Johnny…. so, so lucky. I can picture her cute face looking up at you. I can’t picture Johnny’s because I haven’t seen him in years.

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