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My Own Slice of Life on Being Part of a Dynamic Duo

My best friend and I consider ourselves to be a dynamic duo when it comes to our work, shopping, and finishing each other’s funniest phrases. We are completely equal as members of this pair. We follow each other’s lead and pick up where the other left off. We talk and laugh and complain and laugh and eat and laugh and work and laugh and design bulletin boards and laugh and shop and laugh and drink and laugh and wear each other’s clothes and laugh and organize shoe closets and laugh and decorate each other’s houses and laugh and get haircuts and laugh and play with each other’s children and laugh and send text messages and laugh and vacation together and laugh and survive each day and laugh. We are each other’s work husband and the one that listens to complaints about our at home husbands. We Google phrases that we try to incorporate into our everyday life because we just can’t figure out what they all mean but we insist on saying them at all the wrong times. And then we laugh some more. She is a part of my family and I am a part of hers. We can tell each other the truth even when it is hard to hear. She is the first one I want to tell my good news to and I insist on being on the phone with her as she finds out her own good news. We are aunts to each other’s children. We have secrets and inside jokes. We belong together. We just go together. Like Batman and Robin.


Comments on: "Being Part of a Dynamic Duo" (8)

  1. What a special friendship! Makes me very excited for an upcoming girls’ weekend I’m having with my best friend in two months.

  2. Wow! You are both so lucky to have one another.

  3. mtsedwards said:

    I’m going to forward this to my best friend because, like a Hallmark card, you’ve pretty much said what I’m thinking/feeling in a nutshell. What a great way to end my week. Awesome sauce!

  4. Yes that is a special friendship and you are lucky to have each other!

  5. jenortega said:

    I am the best friend that this was forwarded to, and it made me teary!

  6. How wonderful! It sounds like life is much better because of the other half of your dynamic duo. Life is better with a “go to” person like that.

  7. This is great. Love. Love you guys and love this piece.

  8. I can’t quite figure out how to leave you a thank you email for a comment you left for me…so I am posting it here:

    Thank you–that really humbles me. Sometimes it feels like we write to the air, doesn’t it? That we don’t have the audiences we imagine…but your comment is as uplifting as any action I’ve received recently.

    Thank you! And after reading your dynamic duo post, you remind me to recognize and embrace the good friends in my life. And not take them for granted.

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