A Slice of Life

My Own Slice of Life at Grandma and Grandpa’s House

My Grandparent’s house was always a magical place.

There was a gazebo in the backyard and a greenhouse in the garage.

The garage always smelled the same and my Grandpa always smelled like the garage.

There was a small gated in portion of the yard with a doghouse, but no dog.

When you walked in the house, you entered a long narrow room. There were cases and cases of Pepsi stacked in there and plenty in the fridge.

From there you entered the family room. There were secret places in the family room where you could find crayons and coloring books, if you knew where to look.

There was a mysterious little room behind a door in the family room. There was a hair dryer, like the ones at a salon, in this special, long room that held lots and lots of paper towels and toilet paper. My Grandma was never going to run out of paper towels or toilet paper.

There were double doors with stained glass that led you into the dining room.

There was a drawer in the dining room that had decks of cards. There was even a card shuffler. These cards were used to play Spoons, Solitaire, and War. Grandpa only played Spoons sometimes because he said the cards were too sticky so he couldn’t pick them up fast enough.

Wild cherry cough drops were eaten like candy and squeeze cheese out of a can was melted on top of Tostitos and served on paper plates in the dining room.

The television show Cheers was on in the dining room.

There was a picture of my Grandma when she was young framed and hanging on a dining room wall.

The kitchen was right off of the dining room. Grandma cooked lots of bacon in the kitchen. Grandma cooked everything in there. No one left Grandma’s house hungry.

There were little blue and white glass decorations on the window sill in the kitchen. You could see birdfeeders in the yard through the kitchen window.

There were always frozen vegetables in the freezer. I saw them every time I filled my glass with ice for my Pepsi.

Down the hallway and around the staircase, there was an organ in the “organ room” and sometimes my Grandpa played it for us.

My Grandma’s room was down that hallway too. Only Grandma’s room. Grandpa slept upstairs in his own room. Sometimes I slept in Grandma’s room when we had sleepovers. We had lots of sleepovers.

There were two bedrooms upstairs. I only remember one. There were collectible dolls in there and other treasures. The other room was Grandpa’s. I don’t think I ever went in there.

There was a lot of traffic at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. People were always stopping by. Grandma and Grandpa had nine children and lots of grandchildren. There were always visitors. There were always people drinking coffee.

I’ll always remember that house as a special, magical place. I played with my cousins there, I visited with my aunts and uncles there, I had sleepovers there, I celebrated there, I ate there, I listened to my relatives talking there, I laughed there,  I cried there, I said good bye there, I comforted my Grandma there, I loved it there.



Comments on: "Grandma and Grandpa’s House" (6)

  1. The garage always smelled the same and my Grandpa always smelled like the garage.

    I LOVE this line! It reminds me of my grandpa too. 🙂 I’ve been thinking a lot about their old house. I might borrow this idea for a slice of mine if that’s alright.

  2. I hope that someday my grandchildren describe my house with as much love as you did!

  3. You describe everything with so much detail and in such a simple way all at the same time!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful place! I love the part about a lot of traffic at their house- it instantly felt even warmer than before- so much love!

  5. Love this! I have a piece I wrote a loooong time ago about my great grandparents’ house in KY…may have to dig that one out.

  6. I echo the thought on following your lead, Jill. I think alot about my grandparents home. I’m definitely going to write about it – thanks for your piece. I really loved reading it – i mean I REALLY loved it. I kept making connections in my head to my grandparents house as I read your descriptions and feelings.

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