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My Mom

My Own Slice of Life with the World’s Best Mom

Why is it that my mom can juggle being a wife, a mother to three girls, a mother-in-law to three boys, a grandma to 4 (almost 5) grandkids, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an aunt, a cousin, a neighbor, and a friendly face to a stranger and I have trouble concentrating on being good at just one of these? How is she able to watch 2 to 4 grandchildren on any given week day and still get a bathroom cleaned and a few loads of laundry done? Why does she seem so calm when I arrive at the end of a workday after she has spent an entire day with my two children? Why does my daughter nap everyday during the week at Grandma’s house and not give Grandma any trouble about sleeping? How does my mom prepare a delicious homemade dinner for my dad every night after caring for my children all day long? Why isn’t she more tired? Why is every piece of hair on my mom’s head perfectly in place and why does her lipstick look freshly applied at 3:30 in the afternoon? Why do my children’s faces smell like they have been massaged with lotion and why is my daughter’s hair done so beautifully when I arrive to pick them up? Why is my dad’s lunch made the night before, with love, and packed in his lunchbox by his adoring wife? How is my mom able to double a recipe or calculate a percentage off of a sale item using mental math in record timing? How does she know how to remove all types of stains? When did she have time to memorize the sales advertisements so she can advise me where to shop to get the best deals? Where did she find the money to go completely overboard every Christmas and shower every one of us with gifts that she picked especially for us? Why does she know how to sew? Where did she learn to cook? Why does she dress so well and always look so adorable? How did I wind up so lucky to call this woman my mom?


Comments on: "My Mom" (6)

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your mom! I hope you show it to her to read. She sounds like super mom. I’m thinking though you are selling yourself short…I imagine your children will grow to these heights of admiration…although it might be after they are parents. : )

  2. mtsedwards said:

    I can’t wait for the day when my daughter looks at me and regards me with the same awe and love and admiration as you do yours. You both are amazing women!

  3. Beth Rogers said:

    Your post made me think of my mom. Maybe it is because she no longer feels the need to worry over her children (as much) that she can be so relaxed and this rubs off on the kids. I have often wondered the same thing. Aren’t we blessed? Great writing, and I agree…share with your mom!

  4. I just love this piece 🙂 Moms are so amazing. We learn from the best. You are an amazing mom as well, and your son & daughter will look at you the same way.

  5. What a lovely tribute to your Mom! Hope she read it!

  6. I KNOW!!! How do they do it, Jill?? How??

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