A Slice of Life



My Slice of Life with My Own Personal Superman

He doesn’t wear a cape and he can’t fly but he can fix broken cars, kiss scraped up knees, make me laugh when I’m sad, be proud of me when I accomplish something (no matter how small), do the electrical work at my new home, give advice even when it is not sought after, be a loving Papa to my kids, change the locks on my doors, fix a flat tire, rescue me from the scene of a car accident, answer the phone when I call to talk to about nothing, laugh with me when we reminisce about my childhood, dance with me at my wedding, call me Lil or Pickles, squeeze my cheeks between two of his fingers, hit me on the back of the head every time he walks past me, yell at me when I don’t wear a coat, laugh at me when I don’t know what an awl is, tell me to do a book report on Christmas morning because he is too tired to wake up so early after all of the assembling of my new toys, clench his teeth together when he is mad, build me a teacher’s desk in his garage so I could play school, mount a chalkboard on the wall for me, play guitar, sing songs at church, hold my hand in his, let me know he loves me with very few words, help me find my new home, give his expert opinion about everything, always be right, always go to work, never leave me guessing how he is feeling, always be my loving Dad.


Comments on: "Superman" (5)

  1. Kristen said:

    We should never forget how lucky we really are to have our Dad.

  2. Jill,
    Thanks for sharing your special relationship with your Dad. You are so blessed!

  3. Our daddies lift us up. What a great post! I for one, totally appreciate the gigantic running sentence. Writing that breaks the “rules” is the best kind. You may have inspired me to write about my dad at some point in this challenge. Thanks!

  4. I love the never-ending sentence. I hope you shared this with your Dad.

  5. Aren’t they the best?! This also makes me want to write about my Mom and Dad, especially the part about being a great papa to your kids.

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