A Slice of Life


My Own Slice of Life for 28 Months

28 months. I waited 28 months to find out that the doctors were wrong. Every month I took several tests and waited to see two lines. For 27 consecutive months, I saw only one.

I visited specialists. I read their puzzled faces as they reviewed my test results. I was diagnosed with seven different problems that would prevent me from seeing those two lines I so badly wanted to see. I swallowed lots of prescription drugs that were supposed to help me find a positive test result. None of them worked.

I quit. I quit seeing doctors. I quit taking medication. I told my husband that I quit believing it would ever happen for us.

It took 28 months but it did happen for us. The doctors were wrong about me. I’m a mom of two beautiful children that remind me every day that they were worth the wait. I look back now and appreciate every part of the journey that brought them to me.  


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  1. This post reaches right into my heart. I waited over 24 months to see those two lines. I was so close to giving up hope and putting an end to trying…it was just so emotionally exhausting. Seven years later, I am in awe of my daughter every day and am so thankful for the journey.

  2. luckygurl said:

    Oh, I want to give you a big hug! I love how you were able to wrap such a big topic into such a tiny (yet important!) symbol. I’ve written about loss and infertility a few times on my blog (and have a few more posts planned coming up…). Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to read more slices.

  3. love the repetition. love you. 🙂

  4. Beautiful touching piece. The inferring the reader does makes it more of an impact, more of a connection to long for those two lines as you did.

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